Lunch? Where to Eat

Lunch on-site

The cafeteria is closed until 2027.

The onsite option is staged at B91 (see map) Food Trucks.  Click below to access the site about this option.

Need a quick snack?

You are near 50B

Close by short walk 91 and 72

Explorer Mode 90, 84

Scientific Networking Snack Shack B59 near 3055 on the North West side, This is an honor system every item is $1 please pay for what you take.

Off-site options

Take the Blue shuttle towards Downtown.

The closest option: Get off the shuttle at Euclid Ave. The 2nd shuttle stop after the bus exits the gate.

The further option: Take the shuttle downtown and get off the shuttle on Shattuck for many more lunch options.

Find local off-site food with which shuttle to ride recommendation