Words you will encounter here @ Computing Sciences


Affiliates are individuals invited by an eligible Berkeley Lab host who will engage in Berkeley Lab activities involving research, the use of laboratory facilities, or the provision of a service to Berkeley Lab. The affiliate designation is typically needed when an individual requires a badge for on-site access or Berkeley Lab business systems access. Affiliates are not employees.


Berkeley Lab Employee, someone knowledgeable of the activity to be executed by the affiliate or guest. Generally the mentor of the affiliate or guest.

Computing Sciences Area

There are 7 Areas of Science at Berkeley Lab, Computing Sciences Area is one of the Sciences Area's here at the Lab

Student Intern or just "Intern"

A student is an individual who is enrolled in an academic institution and engaged in Berkeley Lab scientific study or is a trainee in a Berkeley Lab internship program. Included in this category are graduate students, undergraduate students, and high school students.